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Addess:4600 San Juan Cyn Rd., San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
Property Type: SFR
LTV: 58.63%
Investor Yield: 12.50%
Loan Amount: $200,000
Addess:28976 S Lake Shore Dr, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Property Type: SFR
LTV: 65%
Investor Yield: 12.75%
Loan Amount: $100,000
Addess:38480, 38550, and 38989 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA 92399
Property Type: Multi-Retail
LTV: 42.11%
Investor Yield: 11%
Loan Amount: $2,000,000
**[SOLD OUT]**
Addess:4422 W Imperial HWY, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Property Type: Restaurant
LTV: 65%
Investor Yield: 12.50%
Loan Amount: $440,000
**[SOLD OUT]**
Addess:23921 Long Valley Road, Hidden Hills, CA 91302
Property Type: SFR/Land
LTV: 63%
Investor Yield: 9.25%
Loan Amount: $2.785M
Addess:840 Pine St., Oakland CA 94607
Property Type: Industrial Grow
LTV: 60%
Investor Yield: 12%
Loan Amount: $420,000
Addess:1102-1106 Lick Ave., San Jose, CA 95110
Property Type: Multi-Property 4 Unit
LTV: 58%
Investor Yield: 11.25%
Loan Amount: $525,000
Addess:2309 Long Beach Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90058
Property Type: Industrial
LTV: 65%
Investor Yield: 9.5%
Loan Amount: 1.3M
Addess:1933 Lemoyne St., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Property Type: Residential
LTV: 55% ARV
Investor Yield: 10.75%
Loan Amount: 1.45M

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